Wemyss Caves
Wemyss Caves to see
Court Cave
Doo Cave
New Cave
Fern Cave
Well Cave
Unamed Cave
Jonathans Cave
Sloping Cave
White Cove Cave
Gassworks Cave
Glass Cave
Green Jeans Cave
Drawing Gallery for Wemyss Caves
Drawings Gallery
  Map for Wemyss Caves  
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Wemyss Castle
Wemyss Cave Society
The Wemyss Caves Society was formed in May 1986 in order to protect and save as much of the Wemyss Caves and their unique drawings as possible. There are seven Open Sundays from April to September inclusive from 2-4.30pm in the Basement suite of East Wemyss Primary School in the Wemyss Environmental Education Centre, a mini-museum.
Mac Duff Castle Wemyss Caves Map
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