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Drawings Gallery
  Green Jeans Cave (From West Wemyss park by West Wemyss Church)  
Walk up Croftamorie along by the south entrance to the graveyard and enter St Adrian’s Wood by the little gap in the wall. Walk up to the ‘Sycamore Walk’ and continue until the path stops and Wemyss Castle comes into view. Turn right and walk down the slope. On the left can be seen the tower once used as a windmill to pump water out of a mineshaft and later used as a Doocot. Continue down to the Cave in the red sandstone rock. This is known as Green Jean’s cave. The Cave has been bricked up from the shore, originally with a small barred window, which has also now been bricked up. The Cave is high and dry.
Green Jeans Cave
Return by the Sycamore Walk to Croftamorie.
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