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  New Cave  

This Cave may be a new cave opening up or an old cave being rediscovered. Who knows only time will tell, may be it has hidden treasures of the past still to be found.

It is at this point that one must at present (2005) negotiate the wall built to protect the village sewer but now no longer functional. About 20 metres or yards must be traversed to reach the other caves. The wall is about 2 feet or 60 cm’s in width. On one side is the shore or the water if the tide is high, on the other a big hole gauged out by the sea, which can be traversed instead of walking along the wall.

New Cave


Just after reaching the Doo Cave, a path is seen going up the hill to Macduff Castle. This path is a part of the Coastal Path, which unfortunately avoids the coast and other caves from this point until reaching Buckhaven. The path is very steep but the loose gravel, at first hazardous, it is now beginning to settle. It hoped that soon an alternative route to the Castle Green will be by steps over the headland here.

On the right the New Cave may be seen opening up which may connect up with the Fern Cave. If it did it might make access much easier to the Castle Green.

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